Happy Sleep for Teeth Grinders
Happy Sleep for Teeth Grinders
Happy Sleep for Teeth Grinders
Happy Sleep for Teeth Grinders
Happy Sleep for Teeth Grinders
Happy Sleep for Teeth Grinders

Happy Sleep for Teeth Grinders

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Specifically designed for comfort, Happy Sleep provides a resilient protective barrier against teeth grinding, letting you sleep happily.

The soft dentist designed mouthpiece fits snugly, cushioning inside the mouth, reducing grinding, and the headaches, damaged teeth, neck, and jaw pain that come from it.

On the outside, the flexible flap snaps into place, covering your mouth and cheeks and stopping your jaw from dropping, so your sleep is worry free.

    • Resilient protective barrier
      against teeth grinding
    • Reduced headaches, damaged teeth,
      neck, and jaw pain
    • Cushioned and inobtrusive
    • Less reported disturbances from
      the other side of the bed
    • Increased productivity &
    • Less trips to the medicine
    • Higher energy
    • Reduction in headache complaints
    • Decrease in marital
    • Fewer dentist trips for ‘damaged

    Happy Sleep is suitable for adults experiencing night time clenching or teeth grinding (bruxism). Only use Happy Sleep for managing teeth grinding and not for any other conditions.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Maureen O'Brien
    Pleased with the result!

    Have purchased one & pleased with the result

    Michael B. Sydney 

    It's more comfortable than other MAS devices

    "I am middle aged & have moderate Snoring & apnea. Also, I have weak bottom teeth. I have been wearing dentist-made expensive MAS snoring devices, and online made MAS devices for 15 years. They are tough on bottom teeth, and the back jaw joint, ..... and the back jaw mandibular muscle. If you are young, it not so much a problem. If you want something more gentle, (if your are older in age), this snoring device (Happy Sleep) holds the lower jaw in line with the upper jaw. During sleep, one's lower jaw slips back 0.5 cm (it causes the tongue to slip back into the throat!) ..... (Not great). This extra "tongue and jaw", .... normally goes back, into the "back" of the throat. Happy Sleep gently stops this. It is made from a soft comfortable plastic-gel. It's easier on the teeth and Jaw muscles. My bottom teeth and lower jaw are not stressed out by this design. It is good for mild to moderate snoring. Nonetheless, I am pleasantly surprised, and happy with it gentle effectiveness."