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Quality is a mandatory in our business. From the materials we use to the way we engage with all our stakeholders and our customers experiences, “quality” is always uppermost in our minds.


We can only be successful if we show we understand what our customers are struggling with. We have to understand we know what life is like if you are not getting a good nights sleep.


We are serious about helping people sleep better. It has been and will continue to be our life’s work.

Trusted Advisor

Our customers place their trust in us that we can help guide them though the confusion in this marketplace. Being relied on is not taken for granted.


We are an open book. Trials, manufacturing, service, pricing, engagement are all clear and easy.

The Hidden Formula for a Happy Sleep Found Right Here in Australia

Over the last four decades we’ve gone all over the world, treating snoring and teeth grinding patients, exploring thunderous and restless midnight bedrooms, and researching the best the world had to offer, looking for the solution to a good night’s rest.

We found sleep solutions which weren’t comfortable, mouthguards which left patients injured over time, teeth grinders without relief, and plenty of unhappy snorers (and even more unhappy partners).

So we created Happy Sleep, right here in Australia. Clinically tested and designed for comfort. Effective in creating restful sleeps for a more productive tomorrow, and a Happier World.


Dr Gerschman is a world-renowned sleep medicine expert, with 35+ years of experience, extensive publications, conference presentations and recognition in Marquis Who’s Who of Medicine.