Happy Sleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

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The Comfortable & Effective Anti-Snoring Device

The Happy Sleep anti-snore mouthpiece is a patent protected oral mandibular advancement device for treating snoring and regaining a peaceful night's sleep.

Specifically designed for comfort, Happy Sleep enhances breathing through your nose, opening airways and reducing snoring, letting you sleep happily.

Available in regular and small, the soft dentist designed mouthguard fits cosily into your mouth. Regular is suitable for most men, while small is suitable for most women.

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      • Why Happy Sleep?

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      Targets the root cause of snoring and often helps you stop snoring from the very first night of use

      Reclaim a peaceful sleep for you and your sleep partner

      Improves your breathing and overall health and well-being

      A comfortable fit that holds your jaw in place so it won't fall out during the night

      Designed by world-renowned sleep medicine expert, Associate Professor Dr Jack Gerschman

      Clinically shown to significantly reduce snoring to levels unlikely to disturb a sleep partner

      Made in Australia from soft, high-quality, medically-used materials

      TGA approved as a Class I Medical Device

      Restful night's sleep guaranteed - 30 day 100% money back guarantee

      Happy Sleep is indicated for snoring. Snoring may be a sign of sleep apnea, which is a medical condition associated with cardiovascular risks, neurovascular risk, risk of work and motor vehicle accidents and mortality. We recommend speaking with a licensed medical or dental professional about your snoring and whether you may have sleep apnea. Only use Happy Sleep for managing snoring and not for any other conditions.

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      30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

      If you are not 100% satisfied with your Happy Sleep device, you can return your order for a full refund. 


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      The Happy Sleep Difference

      Minimal Jaw Movement

      Advances the lower jaw only minimally to avoid over-extending your jaw & changing your bite.

      Jaw Support Flap

      The flexible flap holds the jaw together, preventing the lower jaw from dropping during sleep & holding the device in place.

      Cushioned Comfort 

      The device is made of soft, flexible medically-used material that's comfortable for your teeth & gums.

      Breathing Airway

      The breathing airway is designed to enhance nasal breathing, which has been shown to reduce snoring.


      How Happy Sleep Works

      Designed by world-renowned sleep medicine expert, A/Professor Dr Jack Gerschman, the Happy Sleep anti snoring device is designed with multiple mechanisms of action. 


      Unlike most splints, which operate by advancing the lower jaw, Happy Sleep only advances the jaw minimally, opening the airway without  over-extending the jaw. It's flexible jaw support flap holds the jaw together, preventing the lower jaw from dropping during sleep, while the breathing airway enhances nasal breathing, which has been shown to reduce snoring.

      Chronic Snoring sufferer

      "Waking up after the very first night of using the Happy Sleep mouthpiece, I already felt more refreshed. I had more energy. And my wife said I didn’t snore, which means I didn’t get kicked out of bed. It’s given me back my quality of life and it’s done wonders for my relationship too."


      - Robbie Charleston


      Comfortable & Convenient

      The Happy Sleep mouthpiece is made of soft, flexible, medically-used material that’s comfortable for your teeth and gums. And it's small, portable, easy to use and comes with a simple to use wash basket for cleaning and storage.


      We know Happy Sleep works, 
      and so do most bears we asked.



      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Julie P
      Amazing - my snoring has diminished hugely!

      The Happy Sleep mouthpiece has been very successful in reducing my snoring by a massive amount. My partner no longer complains that I'm waking him up throughout the night so I'm really pleased with my purchase and wish I'd heard about it before!

      Melinda H
      Device reduced my snoring

      The device seems to have reduced my more severe snoring and does not rub like other things I have tried.

      Michael B. Sydney
      It's more comfortable than other MAS devices

      I am middle aged & have moderate Snoring & apnea. Also, I have weak bottom teeth. I have been wearing dentist-made expensive MAS snoring devices, and online made MAS devices for 15 years. They are tough on bottom teeth, and the back jaw-joint, ..... and the back jaw mandibular muscle. If you are young, it not so much a problem. If you want something more gentle, (if your are older in age), this snoring device (SweetSleep) holds the lower jaw in line with the upper jaw. During sleep, one's lower jaw slips back 0.5 cm (it causes the tongue to slip back into the throat!) ..... (Not great). This extra "tongue and jaw", .... normally goes back, into the "back" of the throat. SweetSleep gently stops this. It is made from a soft comfortable plastic-gel. It's easier on the teeth and Jaw muscles. My bottom teeth and lower jaw are not stressed out by this design. It is good for mild to moderate snoring. Nonetheless, I am pleasantly surprised, and happy with it gentle effectiveness.

      D. Strong
      Peace at last

      Tried other moulded devices with no joy. Put the SweetSleep in, fitted and felt comfortable and from the first night no snoring. Peace at last!

      Robbie C
      My wife said I didn’t snore!

      After the very first night of using the SweetSleep™ device, I already felt more refreshed. I had more energy. And my wife said I didn’t snore, which means I didn’t get kicked out of bed. It’s given me back my quality of life and it’s done wonders for my relationship too.