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Specifically designed for comfort, Happy Sleep enhances breathing through your nose, opening airways and reducing snoring, letting you sleep happily.

Available in regular and small, the soft dentist designed mouthguard fits cosily into your mouth. Advancing the lower jaw only minimally, reducing snoring by promoting breathing through the nostrils, whilst preventing pain and increasing comfort.

On the outside, the flexible flap snaps into place, covering your mouth and cheeks and stopping your jaw from dropping, so your sleep is worry free.

Portable and easy to use

Backed by clinical trials

Soft medically used material

Designed & made in Australia


Highly Effective

Clinical trials found that Happy Sleep significantly reduced snoring to levels unlikely to wake a sleep partner.

Unlike most splints, which operate by advancing the lower jaw, Happy Sleep only advances the jaw minimally, to avoid over-extending the jaw & permanently changing the bite.

Happy Sleep doesn’t need to rely on significant jaw advancement, because it’s flexible jaw support flap holds the jaw together, preventing the lower jaw from dropping during sleep. Most critically, its breathing airway is designed to enhance nasal breathing, which has been shown to reduce snoring and a range of other conditions.

Results & Comfort

The core structure of the Happy Sleep mouthpiece is made of soft, flexible, medically-used material that’s comfortable for your teeth and gums. Which means that it won’t just reduce your snoring - it will help you (and your partner) reclaim a happier sleep, and a happier world.

Convenient and Simple

The Happy Sleep mouthpiece is small, portable, easy to use and comes with a simple to use wash basket for cleaning and storage.

There’s no need for laboratory manufacturing, multiple fittings, custom moulding to ensure the right fit. Available in two sizes, Regular (suitable for 80% of males), and Small (suitable for 80% of females).


How does it work

The Happy Sleep mouthpiece is easy to use. Brush your teeth prior to use and clean the device by placing it in its storage container, filling with clean water and inserting a denture cleansing tablet like Steradent™ for 3 minutes.

Flip the outer piece back and insert the inner mouthpiece with the V-shaped indent facing upwards, ensuring it sits snugly against your teeth and gums.

Allow the outer piece to ‘snap’ back so it covers the mouth and cheeks. It’s as simple as that.


While most patients find the device comfortable, it can take anything from just a few days to a couple of weeks to get used to wearing the device. Patents may experience increased salivation or discomfort in the teeth during the initial period, as with any denture or orthodontic appliance. If you experience excessive or prolonged discomfort, bleeding, loose or moving teeth, excess jaw pain, limited jaw movement, bite changes, obstruction of breathing or other symptoms, stop using the device immediately and contact a licensed medical or dental practitioner for advice. We recommend advising your Dentist that you are using the Happy Sleep device.

You are not restricted in terms of sleep position when wearing the Happy Sleep mouthpiece. However, sleeping on your side has been shown to reduce snoring, particularly compared to sleeping on one's back.

The device must be cleaned before each use by placing it inside the storage container with clean water and denture cleansing tablets such as Steradent for a maximum of 3 minutes. After cleaning, thoroughly rinse the device and inside of the storage container in clean water. Do not use alcohol based denture cleansing tablets. Do not brush device with a tooth brush or use tooth paste to clean the device. Do not use hot or boiling water, harsh chemicals or household cleaning products such as bleach or ammonia. Dry the Sweet Sleep device with a clean towel after cleaning.

While some patients have been using the device for a longer period, we recommend replacing it after 12 months of use.

Do not use Happy Sleep without consulting a licensed medical or dental practitioner if you: Suffer from central sleep apnea; Have a history of Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD); Have mobile teeth or crowns. Have received dental implants in the last year. Have dentures fitted to teeth without consulting a dentist to fit the device; Have periodontitis or abscesses; Are under the age of 18; Have a history of chronic asthma, emphysema or any respiratory disorder (other than snoring); Suffer material allergies; or have pre-existing gum disease.

Robbie Charleston, Snoring & Teeth Grinding sufferer

"Waking up after the very first night of using the SweetSleep™ device, I already felt more refreshed. I had more energy. I didn't grind. And my wife said I didn’t snore, which means I didn’t get kicked out of bed. It’s given me back my quality of life and it’s done wonders for my relationship too."

Reclaim a Happy Sleep

Don’t let snoring kill tomorrow’s productivity, or any one else’s mood. Happy Sleep is designed for comfort, and the first step in claiming a happier world.